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Kind Words from Friends & Collegues

“Totally unlike any of the other "How to Succeed in Show Business" books out there, this one is funny, easy-to-read, honest and has a ton of excellent advice from one of the most respected working actors in the business. I wish a book like this existed when I was starting out. Buy this book!”

--Michael Hitchcock

“Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar,” “Bridesmaids,” “Best in Show,” “Waiting for Guffman”


“David Dean Bottrell proves to be one of the guiding voices I keep returning to on my journey. This book is an extension of his wisdom, told in true wit and humor from his very own perspective and experience in this industry.

If you want to know what to do next, buy this book!”

-- Alexander Hodge

“Andrew,” HBO’s “Insecure”


“Having had the privilege and pleasure of working with this extraordinary actor, it is no surprise that David pours his prowess into his book ‘Working Actor.’ This is an in depth look into the trials and tribulations of living life as an actor and a guide for those who want to take the leap into the world in front of the camera.”

--Meredith Eaton

“Matilda Webber” of CBS’ McGyver

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"After knowing him for three decades, I am constantly impressed and inspired by his commitment to growth as an artist. David's understanding that we have within us, at any and all stages, the capacity to evolve makes him particularly suited to guide and enrich the experience of young people."

-- Sharon Lawrence

4-Time Emmy-nominated actor

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"David Dean Bottrell has a lot of things to stay about acting, being an actor, pursuing a life filled with work as an actor, getting back up after one has gone through a spell of trouble and holding steady, about all of it.  And the important thing is that he says these things with eloquence and fire and a full knowledge of what he's talking about.  This kind of life requires someone to speak about it eloquently.  And thus helpfully. 

So welcome David Dean Bottrell and WORKING ACTOR."

-- Austin Pendleton

Obie-winner, Tony-nominated Actor and Director

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